'Fuelling your success'
Machine Tool Expo is a one-stop destination to address the manufacturing requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of various industry sectors in Tier II and Tier III cities of India. The show unveils the latest manufacturing technologies and solutions which would enable large industries and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to leverage and enhance their manufacturing capabilities. The expo will cover the entire gamut of metal working machine tools for both metal cutting and metal forming including automation and robotics, tooling systems, CAD/CAM and other technologies essential for today’s manufacturing.


  • Exhibitors Profile

    •  Turning machines
    •  CNC multi function machines
    •  Drilling, Boring, Tool Grinding & Milling machines
    •  Machining centres
    •  Flexible manufacturing systems
    •  Special production machines and unit head
    •  Special purpose grinding machines
    •  Gear cutting & finishing machines
    •  Planning, shaping, slotting & broaching machines
    •  Sawing & cutting-off machines
    •  Screwing & threading machines
    •  Honing, Lapping, Polishing & Deburring machines
    •  Electro erosion machines
    •  Robotics & manufacturing automation
    •  Machines for marking
    •  Machine tools for educational purposes
    •  Heating and hardening machines
    •  Organisations
    •  Presses
    •  Presses for special applications
    •  Sheet metal cutting machines
    •  Sheet metal blanking, Punching machines
    •  Sheet metal forming machines
    •  Sheet working cells and systems
    •  Die Casting
    •  Forging
    •  Extrusion
    •  Metal spinning and flow forming
    •  Rolling
    •  Wire forming machines
    •  Bar, section and tube working machines
    •  Hydro forming
    •  Casting & foundry
    •  Heat treatment & hardening
    •  Machines for the production of bolts, nuts, screws and
    •  Joining & welding
    •  Robotics & manufacturing automation
    •  Specialised metal forming processes & machines
    •  Machines and plant for processing plastics
    •  Machines and equipment for pre-processing,
      recycling plastics
    •  Post processing machines for plastics
    •  Follow-on equipment for plastics
    •  Machinery, parts and components
    •  Other machines and equipment
    •  Welding machines for plastics
    •  Raw materials
    •  Machinery & processes for composites
    •  Machinery & Processes for ceramics
    •  Cutting tools
    •  Forming tools
    •  Abrasive & polishing tools
    •  Hand held tools
    •  Tooling systems
    •  Work holding
    •  Automation for storage & transport
    •  Components for robotics & automation
    •  Attachments, accessories & sub-systems
    •  Mechanical elements and components
    •  Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and elements
    •  Electrical & electronic equipment
    •  Feeding systems
    •  Testing machines
    •  Measuring, inspection & quality control
    •  Dies & moulds
    •  Production control & networks
    •  Control, drives and systems
    •  Software
    •  Services
    •  Shop Equipment
    •  Waste Disposal Equipment
    •  Safety & environment
    •  Lubrication & coolant
    •  Welding material & accessories
    •  Raw materials


    Alex Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.
    Dynemech Systems Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Anil CNC & Gears 9 India
    Yuken India Ltd. 10 India
    Dynamic Engineering Company 10 India
    Simco Spring Machinery Company 10 Taiwan
    Solidcam Software India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Pratap Tex Chem Pvt Ltd. 10 India
    CADEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 9 India
    Rontgen Saws Pvt.Ltd 10 India
    Lamba Press & Shears 10 India
    Rattan Hammers 10 India
    J K Machines 11 India
    M' la Sales Corporation 11 India
    Radiant Safeway Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Rollmann Trading Company 11 India
    SKI Automation Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Unipunch Toolings Pvt Ltd 9 India
    Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Flowmech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Devson Presstech Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Plassteze 10 India
    Durr Ecoclean 10 India
    M-Sui Machines Pvt.Ltd 9 India
    SMW Autoblok Work Holding Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Hexagon Metrology (India) Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Wadson Metals Pvt. Ltd 10 India
    Tectyl Oil & Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Tasa Micro Special Purpose Machines Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Protherm Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Ravik Engineers Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Gerb Vibration Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Royal Tech Engineers 11 India
    Ambica Electronics 11 India
    Indo Nihon Technologies 11 India
    Singhal Power Presses Pvt. Ltd 9 India
    Gujarat Lathe Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. 9 India
    Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Customised Technologies Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Faro Business Technologies India Pvt Ltd. 10 India
    Emtex Marketing Pvt Ltd 10 India
    MTAB Engineers Pvt. Ltd 9 India
    Unity Controls Pvt. Ltd 9 India
    Milton Roy India 11 India
    Lenox India Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Sipcon Instrument Industries 11 India
    Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    THM Huade Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. 9 India
    Accurate Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Riya Electrodes Pvt Ltd 11 India
    LRG Steel Concept Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Hertz Control (India) Pvt. Ltd 10 India
    Shree Prayag Air Controls ( P) Ltd 11 India
    Emco Pressmaster Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Multi Axis CNC Robotic 11 India
    Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Machine Tools Associates 11 India
    L. A. Enterprises 10 India
    Schuler India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (I) Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Scube International 10 India
    MMC Hardmetal India Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Orcan Products of India 10 India
    Bestek Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Chennai Metco Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Rapid Flow India Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Rattan Machine Tools 11 India
    Anand Roller Company 11 India
    Kleenoil Filtration India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Seventh International 11 India
    JN Robotic Automation Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Production Aids & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Tosei Engineering Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Mega Maintenance Services 11 India
    Mass Global Trading Pvt. Ltd 9 India
    Royal Appliances 11 India
    Kitagawa India Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    K Engg. Products 11 India
    Purshotam Company Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    Radius Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Sokhi Steels Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Pace India 11 India
    Makino India Pvt Ltd 9 India
    Mega Machine Co., Ltd. 11 Taiwan
    Benign Enterprise Co., Ltd. 11 Taiwan
    Chien Wei Precise Technology Co.,Ltd 11 Taiwan
    Sunus Tech Co., Ltd. 11 Taiwan
    Kaifeng Machinery 11 Taiwan
    L K Machinery Corp. 11 Taiwan
    Abbott Toolfast Pvt Ltd 11 India
    VT Tools Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Zhejiang Jingdian Numerical Control Equipment Co,.Ltd 10 China
    Wuhan Hasary Equipment Co., Ltd 10 China
    Wuxi Hualian Science & Technology Group Co. , Ltd. 10 China
    Ecoo Heat Treatment Engineering Co.,Ltd 10 China
    Zhangjiagang City Telhoo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd 10 China
    Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd 10 China
    AMT- The Association for Manufacturing Technology 9 India
    Rajamane Industries Pvt. Ltd 10 India
    Keyence India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Lokesh Machines Ltd 9 India
    Rohit Polishers 11 India
    Tech Mech Handling Equipments 11 India
    Renishaw Metrology Systems Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Atma Autotech Engineers Pvt.Ltd 11 India
    M. D. Corporation 11 India
    Maheshwari Wires Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    BLM SpA 10 Italy
    Tsugami Precision Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Electronica Mechatronic Systems (India) Pvt Ltd 10 India
    Yamazen Machinery & Tools India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Span Filtration Systems Pvt Ltd. 10 India
    Marshall Machines (P). Ltd. 11 India
    Marposs India Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Steel - Smith 11 India
    Krishna International 11 India
    Kinol Lubes Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Batliboi Ltd. 11 India
    Fenwick and Ravi 11 India
    Ind-Sphinx Precision Ltd. (Unit-B) 11 India
    Chanan Engineers 11 India
    ITL Industries Ltd 11 India
    Parametric Designs & Solutions (FTI) 11 India
    Parametric Designs & Solution 11 India
    Abexmatic Hydraulics Pvt Ltd 10 India
    Satyam Industries 11 India
    Machine Tools (India) Ltd. 11 India
    Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co.,Ltd 10 China
    Dalian Yida Tool Co.,Ltd 10 China
    Gravotech Engineering Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 9 India
    Dong-Do Electronics.Co.,Ltd 11 Korea
    Superslides & Ballscrews Co. India Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Kabelschlepp India Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Bansal Brothers 11 India
    Ashok Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Machine House India Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    UCAM Pvt. Ltd. 9 India
    Fluid Logic Systems Pvt. Ltd 11 India
    Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Jergens India Pvt. Ltd 10 India
    Oriental Motor (India) Pvt. Ltd. 10 India
    System Engineers Cutting & Welding Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Triveni Needles Pvt Ltd 11 India
    DP Technology 9 India
    Allied Machine & Engineering Corp 9 India
    Flow Corporation 9 India
    Hangsterfer 9 India
    Mastercam 9 India
    SGS Tools 9 India
    Shenyang Xitong Trade Company Ltd 10 China
    PMT Machines Ltd. 11 India
    Accurate Gauging and Instruments Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Mehta CAD CAM Systems Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Vigel Manufacturing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    S & T Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Dhanda Exporters 9 India
    Shiv Art Engraving Co. 11 India
    Hangzhou Tings Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd 9 China
    Sunita Engineering Corporation 11 India
    Forbes & Company Ltd 11 India
    Manik Machinery Manufacturers Pvt Ltd 10 India
    P - Tech Industries Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Get My Machine Pvt Ltd 11 India
    TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. 11 India
    Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. 11 India
    Tespa Tools Pvt Ltd 11 India
    FSL Software Technologies Ltd 11 India
    Cosmos Impex (I) Pvt Ltd 9 India
    Tussor Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd 9 India
    Applied Technosystems 11 India
    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd 9 India
    Wenli International Trading Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Global Marketing Services 11 India
    Riello PCI India Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Geo Informatics Consultants 11 India
    Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. 9 India
    Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd. 11 India
    Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 11 India
    Midland Tools & Technical Pvt Ltd 10 India
    Precision Machines Corp 11 India
    EMTL Sales & Service Ltd 10 India
    ECL Finance Ltd 9 India
    Indotech Industries (I) Pvt Ltd 11 India
    Soitaab India 10 India

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