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Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) once again presents the most-awaited Pune Machine Tool Expo (PMTX) 2024
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A Manufacturing Intelligence Product

Manufacturers are constantly battling the constant pressure of higher productivity. Finding out the right problem to address can help them direct their resources for the highest and fastest returns. Wipro Linecraft AI’s IIoT product clearly identifies where productive time is being lost, problematic stations, and delivers actionable insights suggesting improvement initiatives based on machine data.

Energy in Motion

Wherever one looks the production industry is accelerating. Shorter production times, higher batch numbers, and faster tool changing are resulting in one of Kabelschlepp India Pvt Ltd’s inventions becoming more and more important: the cable carrier. Kabelschlepp is now integrated into the Tsubaki Group and is responsible for managing the worldwide cable carrier systems business.

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Elevating Industry Standards

LGMG is a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, known for its innovative solutions, quality products, and commitment to sustainability. Scissor Lifts provide elevated access for maintenance, construction, and other tasks. LGMG scissor lifts are renowned for their robust design and exceptional performance in various industries. With a focus on safety and efficiency, these lifts boast impressive lifting capacities.

The Compact NIKKEN NCT200

The NIKKEN NCT200 is a compact rotary table to beat. Offering an exceptional clamping torque of 900 Nm and a 25 percent increase in rigidity, the NCT200 is the ultimate compact rotary table without the premium expense. The NCT200 allows one to reduce operator intervention, finish components in significantly fewer operations and maximize machine capacity.

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Pune Machine Tool Expo (PMTX) 2024
Moshi, Pune.