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Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) once again presents the most-awaited Pune Machine Tool Expo (PMTX) 2024
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Ballscrews and Linear Guideways

PMI Precision Ballscrews and Linear Guideways for CNC and VMC machines claim to elevate machining capabilities to unmatched levels of accuracy and reliability and deliver high performance for demanding industrial applications. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, PMI Precision Ballscrews utilize advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring high precision and smooth motion control.

For Automated Handling of Parts

Elesa and Ganter vacuum components, including vacuum suction cups, vacuum cup holders, and related accessories, represent an ideal solution for automated and safe handling of parts with different shapes, sizes, and surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic. The company’s vacuum suction cups have dimensions ranging from 4 mm to 125 mm.

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Hydraulic Chuck Tool Holders

Hydraulic chucks are designed to be used in applications where high accuracy and rigidity is needed. They are effective for reaming, drilling, and threading at high spindle speeds. Their features include powerful clamping force, exact axial length adjustment, intermediate sleeves, and versatile clamping range. They are easy to handle and facilitate easy tool change.

Precision Modular Vice

N-101 Modular Vice is designed for precision milling and grinding and is widely used with CNC milling machines. Its jaw plates are set at a pull-down angle. This ensures, during the clamping operation, a down load run of the workpiece against the vice base and, thus, a precise and safe clamping.

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Pune Machine Tool Expo (PMTX) 2024
Moshi, Pune.