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Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) once again presents the most-awaited Pune Machine Tool Expo (PMTX) 2024
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Pune Machine Tool Expo 2024, to be held from May 23-26 at Pune International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Moshi, Pune, is all set to showcase the latest manufacturing technologies. The show has been garnering an overwhelming response already, an encouraging start that heralds a beneficial outcome for all industry stakeholders.

In sync, the maiden edition of the co-located show - FACTEQ has been receiving an equally enthusiastic response. The show will feature the entire spectrum of factory equipment essential for designing, building, operating, and maintaining modern factories.

Similarly, the concurrent shows - Metrology Expo, Weld Expo, and Digital Manufacturing present the latest sector specific technological trends at PMTX 2024.

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Compact Vertical Machining Centres

High-performance Drill Tap Center with a small footprint is always a challenge. The solution has emerged as AMS GV 40, a high-performance and high-production Drill Tap Centre. It is a compact gantry-type machine, with a high-speed, high-torque BBT-30 spindle or Direct Drive HSK A 50 spindle with 20,000 rpm as optional.

3D Coordinate Measuring Machines

The ATOS ScanBox is a superfast optical 3D coordinate measuring machine for first-article inspections and serial quality control. Automated optical 3D measuring machines accelerate processes, identify sources of error at an early stage, and ensure one’s competitiveness. It is intelligent enough to program itself, cutting the rigor out of the measurement process.

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Manleo Designs’s Tool Setters

Manleo Designs’s OPTO-Z is a rugged, accurate and reliable automatic Z/Length Setter that is changing the way shop floors operate be it Aerospace, Automotive or Dies & Mold. Industries across India are quickly embracing this product into their shop floor and transforming their operations as well as operator’s life.

Digital Integration Solution

factoryCONNECT seamlessly integrates with one’s existing sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems, and more. This comprehensive data collection paints a clear picture of one’s entire manufacturing process, from start to finish. One can gain real-time insights into critical quality and production parameters, allowing to identify and address issues before they impact the bottom line.

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Pune Machine Tool Expo (PMTX) 2024
Moshi, Pune.